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Prediletto Couture Heart Valentine Dog Coat hand made size large

Prince & Princess


A pretty fleece-lined Fuchsia Dog Coat with handcrafted detailing and trim, finished with cute buttons, by Prediletto Pet Couture. Each designer dog coat may differ slightly to the product image as it is handmade to order.
Available in sizes (chest) 18 to 53cm
Expertly handmade in Britain
Adjustable front leg and chest so you get the perfect fit
Gorgeous embellishments (alternatives available)
Easy to wash at 30°
Exclusive to Prince & Princess Petwear and selected stockists to avoid same-dress disasters 

Please allow approximately 30 days for production

I have one large available, please message for size and I will arrange for this to be made. 

To Fit Chest


18 to 25.5cm / 7 to 10"

28 to 33cm / 11 to 13"

35.5 to 43cm / 14 to 17"

45.5 to 53cm / 18 to 21"

There are three measurements you'll need to take when sizing dog clothes:

Measure from the base of your pet’s head (where the collar normally sits) along the backbone to the base of the tail (the point where the tail begins).

Using a tape measure or string, measure the chest at its broadest point, (this is usually directly behind the front legs.)

Measure the circumference of your pet’s neck as you would for a collar. Ensure that this is not tight, (you should be able to get two fingers behind the measuring tape.)
Leg Length (optional)
Measure from the point where the collar sits at the shoulder, straight down to the paws. (This measurement is not as important as the others, but it will give an indication of how far down garments will fall on the legs.)

Because every pet is different with a unique body shape, it is important to ensure that new pet clothes fit properly. Check that you can fit two fingers under the neck, that the chest is not too tight or restrictive, and that the garment is not too long near the tail as it will get dirty when they sit down.

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