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Puppy Training

5 years experience with running my own Home Boarding, Doggie Day care business and dog walks. 

I have worked with small to medium dogs, rescue dogs and have my own two dogs (greyhound and JackChi)

In addition I have 20 years training experience, from course delivery, workshop design and delivery to coaching.

I am qualified through IMDT (International Modern Dog Trainer)

Puppy Fun and Prices

4 week sessions (Classes) 45 minutes 

£10 per dog per class

Individual 1-1 Training with Dog and human £15 for 30 minutes (follow up messages)

Dress for relevant weather condition as outside.

  • Must be fully vaccinated

  • ID tag/poop bags

  • Bring a mat/treats/lead and harness

  • No extendable leads/No check chains

Session Content

  • Socialisation/safe and in control

  • Focus/Eye Contact

  • Sit/become a sitting machine

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Recall

  • Have fun with your dog

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Terms and Conditions for Puppy Training

These sessions are all about having fun with your dog.  All about rewarding all the good behaviour.  Bring lots of favourite treats.  Sliced ham, chicken anything that your dog loves.

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