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How to find a good dog sitter

We’re definitely a nation of animal lovers and when it comes to our pets. We consider them to be more of a family member than just a four legged friend, and that’s why having to go away on holidays can be an extremely stressful time for you and your pet.

One dog owner told me she felt the same way as taking her child to her first day of school as she did when she had to leave her beloved Cockapoo at a boarding kennel for the first time!

After all, kennels can also bring up all sorts of worries.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of some horror stories involving pets being injured by others, only being walked for 5 minutes once a day, the food being below par and at the end of your time away, the owner collecting a rather timid, slightly underweight pet than what they left there in the first place!

So what are the alternatives?

Home from home holidays are one of the best possible choices for your pet. With this option, you drop your beloved furball off at an insured dog walkers home where they will be offered around the clock care in a cosy, safe environment.

No hard concrete kennel floors, cold conditions or constant barking.

So what should you look out for in a great dog sitter?

An important thing to look out for is if the dog sitter is insured. This means that you are covered if your pet is injured or if there is damage to someone else's property.

A good dog sitter will also make it very clear on their website that they are insured and offer the details up freely if you ask for this information.

One more thing to question is, do they have a license approved from their local authority to board pets? Once again, this should be made clear on their website.

It’s also good to know if they offer any pampering services from claw clipping, wash and dry or a full dog grooming treatment. We all know living busy lifestyles, sometimes just getting in late from work and having to take your beloved pet on a long walk can be time consuming when you’re tired, let alone giving adequate time to groom them with regular vet trips to cut their claws.

At Reach for the paws, we understand your pets needs and Anita, the owner, is a fully insured dog walker with licensed for boarding your pets.

We have extra pampering packages available and we are located in Brightlingsea in Essex.

We offer long walks by the sea and also social walks with other dog walkers so your pet can make some new friends.

We have also been featured in Tatler magazine.

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