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"Product Placement" "Supported by Furbo" The dog camera that throws a treat

"advertising" Furbo Dog Camera and treat

I am delighted to be in collaboration with Furbo. Reach for the Paws I have many paw guests who absolutely love dog treats.  When I was contacted by Furbo it was a perfect opportunity to upgrade my in house web camera.

The Furbo arrived well packed and looking great opening the paw tissue paper and the paw bag with the treats in it.  The little touches make a different to a customer as it shows thought has gone into it.

The Furbo is a lovely modern design and doesn't intrude in any home.  When powering up and the green light comes on, you can then set up the Furbo with an app.

The instructions are easy to follow.  I did make a typing error on my email address and it only asks you to type it once and set a password.  I then had to message to check the email I had used and I had a very quick response through the message system.  Which was really easy to use and respond back to. 

You can set up your own recorded message to let the dogs know a treat will be arriving, my message is "Treat Time"

It doesn't take long for the dogs to realise that they will be receiving a treat. 

Whilst out and about your receive an alert if your dog is barking.  You can then load up the app and check to see what is happening, talk to them, reassure and then send out a treat on good behaviour. 

I have found the image really clear to see, the picture and video are clear.  

#Reachforthepaws guests are enjoying the Furbo.  For the best throwing of the treats from the Furbo have it on an edge or if too far back they will just land on the surface and you will have an upset dog. 

I am still playing around with the Furbo and so far a thumbs and paws up from us.

Anita and Lady T (greyhound)


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