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Phone call from a magazine - Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams

Little did I know after redundancy a year ago that I would be in the advertising part of TATLER Magazine.  I have a vision for Reach for the Paws and I certainly think people thought I was barking mad to enter into the dog retail world as well as set up a pet services business.

Retail is hard work, so many amazing brands and business's.  Lady T my greyhound set out to provide glamour and I go live on my walks so that owners can see their dog and know it is being cared for and also share in their day.  

On a busy dog walking morning, I was with the amazing Arlo when my phone went, I didn't recognise the number and it was a London dialling code, it dropped through to voice mail. I was at the time doing my duty of picking up dog poop!! 

When I heard the message that it was TATLER Magazine, I did have to replay it a couple of times. Then I needed to go to my next walk with the lovely Harvey.  Once back home and I already had an email from TATLER Magazine, I thought this doesn't look like a scam and indeed it wasn't.  I believe that phone call and moment will change our journey.

I had in mind the dog outfits that would look amazing as they had only just arrived a week before my call (all things happen for a reason and come together)

Models are my paw customers, Willow, Stan and Zane and items fitted them perfectly and how amazing they show case their own characters and the outfits. 

To receive a compliment that TATLER liked my brand and items and would fit in with their magazine was truly an amazing moment.  Thank you to Julie Francis at benben Design who created my logo, which of course is based around Lady T

Thank you for supporting Reach for the Paws, we look forward to showcasing more dog fashion outfits and keep following our journey 

Paw Regards

Anita and Lady T


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