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The Day Lady T got more than her paws wet

Lady T and her best friends Nelly and Harvey

I can understand how parents are so proud of their children when an exciting moment happens.  My child is my Greyhound Lady T, who is a rather elegant girl that does not like getting muddy or wet.  When a dog rescues you it takes time for them to settle into their new life.  

Lady T gives so much to the dogs that stay with us or that she walks with.  Today was her day and to see a dog so happy with her friends was just pure therapy to watch. 

Lady T found her inner puppy and followed her friends, Nelly (Spanish Greyhound), Harvey the boyfriend (chocolate Lab 1 year) into the smelliest of waters.  It was like a bolt of puppy energy that entered Lady T, the smiles from all 3 dogs was just an amazing site.

Today for me was a simple transaction of human behaviour of sharing a funny joke, laughing, smiling and messing around with friends.  We can learn a lot from watching how dogs interact.  These animals have all connected for a reason and Harvey is a very lucky boy to be around such amazing females.  Harvey is a bouncy lab and sounds like he belly flops into the water, however the girls love this.

For the first time I now have Lady T who stinks and all her doggy perfume in the world will not get through this stink.  As you have a new love of water you will be in the shower tomorrow.

Thank you to the humans, Fiona & Nick who are owned by Harvey and Brenda & Andy who are owned by Nelly. 

Paw hugs to you all. 


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