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Dog home boarding and day care

I hear a shake of a body, a stretch more stretching and a grumble from Lady T my greyhound, my signal that her belly is rumbling and she would like feeding.  Well Lady T at 5:00am you can just relax settle down and let me snooze.  

I let Lady T out in the garden at around 5:00 and say hello to the guest of Boo a greyhound and Wiggy an Italian greyhound.  Lady T and I head back for a snooze which lasted about 30 minutes until I am woken up by an Italian, well they do have charm and cuteness and I didn't mind the early morning cuddles from the lovely Italian called Wiggy, of course he is an Italian Greyhound and what a lovely way to be woken up. 

Stan is dropped off for Doggy Day Care and I then head out to collect Willow to join the paw team for the day.

Little did I know when setting up my business that I would gain the skills to match make between the dogs.  Willow (8 months) Stan (2 years) have a fabulous friendship.  

An Italian in the house, watch out ladies, he was on the scene today working his charm. Stan trying all the tricks to keep Willow in his sights.  

I have an amazing pet cuddler called Kayleigh who looks after the guests whilst I head out and walk the regular team.  

Lady T works her charm on all dogs and Harvey the chocolate lab at the young age of 1 seems to like the older girl as Lady T turns 4 in August, yet another loving dog friendship.

The love stories unfold on a daily basis with the team, each one of them leaves a paw print on my heart as I get to see their characters, understand their likes and dislikes.  

I look forward to sharing more of the stories, follow us on our facebook page with live videos on the walks and play time.  For me it is important as a dog owner to see what our dogs are up to, I live feed so that the owners can see and share their day.

Thank you for sharing our amazing journey, just a few pics from today and a link to our facebook page Reach for the Paws Facebook

Big Paw Hugs

Anita and Lady T


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