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My life changed when I was adopted by my human friend, greyhound racing wasn't for me, retirement is greyt!

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Hello I am Lady T,

When I was younger I had an unhappy life. I was forced to run as fast as I could but wasn’t that good as only came 2nd and 3rd then ended up last and then I was sent away.
Then one day in January 2017 a lady came along and saw me and I thought I like you and you seem to need a friend to care for you. The Lady returned in February 2017 to take me to her new home.
I had never been in a proper home before, and I love it here. Lots of walks with new friends and now I am a glamour model showing off all these lovely clothes and accessories to all my friends.
Due to my very calming and relaxed nature I have loads of friends to run and walk with. They can not all keep up with me when I run, so I am not really bad at running, however I prefer sleeping in my comfy bed and meeting new friends.
I look forward to welcoming you and you will enjoy walking with my Mum as she gives very good cuddles and also gives treats.
Mum has recently been made redundant and decided to start her own business and she gets to spend more time with me. 

See you soon,
Love Lady T


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