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Press Article - Abode 2 Luxury Property

Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog. As owners lead increasingly busy life, they are becoming more conscious of the standard of care their pets are kept in while they’re not around. Luxury and 5-star service is what is acceptable and this is the level of care I wanted for my own dog. Reach for the Paws is run by Anita and her greyhound Lady T. After having her own dog walker and wondering if Lady T had been out and what was happening in her day, with minimal co...

January 23, 2019

How to find a good dog sitter

We’re definitely a nation of animal lovers and when it comes to our pets. We consider them to be more of a family member than just a four legged friend, and that’s why having to go away on holidays can be an extremely stressful time for you and your pet. One dog owner told me she felt the same way as taking her child to her first day of school as she did when she had to leave her beloved Cockapoo at a boarding kennel for the first time! After all, kennels can also bring up all sorts of worri...

December 5, 2018

"Product Placement" "Supported by Furbo" The dog camera that throws a treat

I am delighted to be in collaboration with Furbo. Reach for the Paws I have many paw guests who absolutely love dog treats.  When I was contacted by Furbo it was a perfect opportunity to upgrade my in house web camera.The Furbo arrived well packed and looking great opening the paw tissue paper and the paw bag with the treats in it.  The little touches make a different to a customer as it shows thought has gone into it.The Furbo is a lovely modern design and doesn't intrude in any home....

November 24, 2018

Phone call from a magazine - Follow your dreams

Little did I know after redundancy a year ago that I would be in the advertising part of TATLER Magazine.  I have a vision for Reach for the Paws and I certainly think people thought I was barking mad to enter into the dog retail world as well as set up a pet services business. Retail is hard work, so many amazing brands and business's.  Lady T my greyhound set out to provide glamour and I go live on my walks so that owners can see their dog and know it is being cared for and also shar...

October 31, 2018

Reach for the Paws enters You Tube World

Reach for the Paws has entered the You Tube world.  If it worked for Justin Bieber we thought we would give it a go as well.   I can imagine Lady T would like the Hollywood life style, various pooch coffee shops to visit and her own You Tube station, a team of fashion designers around her. Lady T has her own personal assistant me Anita Marsh and together we run Reach for the Paws in Brightlingsea, Essex.  We have entered the dog fashion world and looking forward to seeing whe...

October 10, 2018

What have we been up to

Lady T and I have been busy over the last 8 months.  We have new human and paw friends, and would like to share what we do.  To help support a small business with 5 star reviews, please show some love and like and share our details, Thank You #reachforthepaws  ...

August 22, 2018

Very Important Paw Guests (VIP)

Reach for the Paws will be offering additional services to our customers as these are being well received.  Paw-some Birthday  If your dog has a birthday whilst on a holiday with us please let me know as for a small additional charge I can arrange personalised birthday dog cake to be made. Discounted price only for Reach for the Paws guests (additional price) Paw-some Pampering Your dog can be handed back to you after their holiday with some further pampering of shampoo and dry, nails ...

August 13, 2018

Animal Reiki

After a busy 8 months of running a business, Lady T had her own pamper hour with Connie Shaggy Chic   I believe in supporting the people in business that deserve to be supported, they generate a great energy and truly want to do the best for their customers and their business and have their heart and mind in the right place.  It was really good to finally meet Connie and good luck in her business. Our lives are busy and our Dogs see us come and go in the house, hear our conve...

August 7, 2018

The Day Lady T got more than her paws wet

I can understand how parents are so proud of their children when an exciting moment happens.  My child is my Greyhound Lady T, who is a rather elegant girl that does not like getting muddy or wet.  When a dog rescues you it takes time for them to settle into their new life.   Lady T gives so much to the dogs that stay with us or that she walks with.  Today was her day and to see a dog so happy with her friends was just pure therapy to watch.  Lady T found her inner ...

July 20, 2018

Doggy Day Care

I hear a shake of a body, a stretch more stretching and a grumble from Lady T my greyhound, my signal that her belly is rumbling and she would like feeding.  Well Lady T at 5:00am you can just relax settle down and let me snooze.   I let Lady T out in the garden at around 5:00 and say hello to the guest of Boo a greyhound and Wiggy an Italian greyhound.  Lady T and I head back for a snooze which lasted about 30 minutes until I am woken up by an Italian, well they do have char...

July 18, 2018

Reach for the paws dog fashion show

Social media has been my main point of advertising and using spotted Brightlingsea and Welcome to Brightlingsea which is used a lot for local businesses.  My dog walking and home boarding is growing well and I wanted to meet the community and for them to get to know me.  Early morning hour idea was to run a  dog fashion show.  Competition for dog photos to be sent to Reach for the paws facebook page is how it started, 65 photos were saved and voting started.  Top 10 dogs...

March 22, 2018

A different type of office view

Lady T was my inspiration to start running a bespoke pet services and fashion boutique.  My amazing greyhound has been in my life for nearly a year.  During this time I had a dog walker who supported us during the days. I now get to spend time with other owners dogs who are very important, Alfie is in the picture who has had a previous life that wasn't so good, and he is now adopted by a lovely family.  It is a great honour as part of my job to build confidence with Alfie and othe...

January 23, 2018

My life changed when I was adopted by my human friend, greyhound racing wasn't for me, retirement is greyt!

Hello I am Lady T, When I was younger I had an unhappy life. I was forced to run as fast as I could but wasn’t that good as only came 2nd and 3rd then ended up last and then I was sent away. Then one day in January 2017 a lady came along and saw me and I thought I like you and you seem to need a friend to care for you. The Lady returned in February 2017 to take me to her new home. I had never been in a proper home before, and I love it here. Lots of walks with new friends and now I am a glamou...

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